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Kafaah Match team is very professional and they are ready to answer any questions or concerns the family may have. Their event is a great way to meet prospects and their family in one sitting. It's a stress-free way to have a conversation with others while staying within limits. I would recommend the Kafaah Match program to everyone :)

Happy Client

The family contacted us last week. The Kafaah team members are very supportive and friendly. They guide us properly and answer all our questions.

Happy Client

All Muslim parents want to get their children married in a decent, Islamic form. Kafaah is the most respectable site for Muslims.

Happy Client

The Kafaah platform is an amazing group to be involved in and I personally was able to meet my spouse through their service. I have used various outlooks to no avail, and am very thankful for Kafaah and all that it offers. I highly recommend anyone looking to get married to definitely give it a shout.

Happy Client

The event was very affordable for me as somebody trying this for the first time. I will add that the halal intentions of guests at live events are generally better than what I found on apps.

Happy Client

Thank you for the great event, it was very well organized and made. I really appreciated the Sheikh blessing the event in the beginning, really led the rest of the match making in the right direction alhamdulilah.

Happy Client

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kafa'ah?

Al-Kafa’ah is an Arabic term for compatibility, similarity, suitability or qualifications for consideration in marriage. The main goal of kafa’ah is to result in a peaceful and long-lasting marriage, so that we may avoid regrets, divorce or dysfunctional families.

Compatibility is influenced by various factors- religion, morality, piety, personality, preferences, perceptions, social status, wealth, ethnicity, age, physical appearance, job, custom, upbringing and family dynamic. While all of these are important to consider for matching, emphasis in Islam is placed on religion & morality, specifically Taqwa (consciousness of Allah), and we encourage candidates to make this a priority rather than materialistic criteria.

A good match is mutual- not one-sided. Our trusted Matchmaking team fosters to create an environment where potentially compatible candidates may be matched.

What effort do you put to make it halal?

We tried our best to make this experience halal for Muslims seeking marriage. We limit interaction with the opposite gender by involving the Wali (Guardian).

Communication with the opposite gender is limited and supervised by the Wali. If candidates and the Wali are satisfied with each other, they may continue the marriage process elsewhere, while taking safety measures and due process into account.

Do you take photos or videos of event attendees?

No. Unlike other services, to protect the privacy and modesty of all candidates and families, we will NOT be taking any photo or video recordings of event attendees. We also prohibit anyone from recording each other at the event. We only request anonymous written testimonials if you are satisfied.

What is the exact venue for your event(s)?

To protect privacy of attendees and prevent entertaining last-minute people at the door, we only send the specific venue to candidates who pay to confirm their event registration. Past attendees say our venues are beautiful and in centrally accessible locations. We send the specific venue to confirmed registrants a week prior to the event.

If you have concerns, contact us.

From which countries can we register for the service?

Currently, Kafaah Match is primarily for people in Canada.

Can I sign up and answer questions on behalf of my child?

Yes, if you have agreed upon the criteria beforehand. Your child’s criteria likely differs from yours and it is dishonest to answer questions for them, as other candidates write their own answers.

We advise you to thoroughly review questions with your children, but the answers must be their sincere submissions.

Why is the Wali / guardian mandatory for female candidates?

The involvement of the Wali (guardian) is not meant to make the process difficult- it is what keeps our services Halal. A marriage contract is valid in Islam if the Wali of the woman accepts the proposal. The Wali can be a practicing Muslim male relative, such as her father, brother, uncle, or cousin. The Wali can also be a local imam, head of an Islamic center or a scholar. If she cannot find anyone, she should appoint a Muslim man of good character to be her Wali.

Thus, the Wali is necessary for the marriage process, as it prevents online privacy between the opposite gender. The Wali helps arrange formal, appropriate conversation between the candidates and can help the woman assess against deceitful or manipulative men. We also recommend men to involve their female family members in the process so they can assess the woman.

Is my data private and safe?

Yes. The data is viewed almost exclusively by our Matchmaking team to provide you services. You may read more in our Privacy Policy.

How do you verify user data?

Our team assesses candidate profiles to the best of our abilities. However, we have no capacity to verify user data nor do we have the ability to perform background checks. It is your responsibility as the candidate and/or Wali to thoroughly perform a reference check for each candidate you consider for marriage.

Can I delete my profile?

Yes- you may submit a request to delete your profile and we will delete identifiable data from our servers, such as names or anything that can be used to distinguish you. You may read more in our Privacy Policy.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Currently, we accept Credit or Debit Card.

Why is there a price?

Many candidates pay airplane tickets, book hotels, or pay excessive prices merely to vet a match in the real world, who may not be compatible. Our service provides value by saving you time, money, and other resources. Our matchmakers, developers and staff work to manage & provide you these services.

If you cannot financially afford to pay, contact us and we can discuss your situation.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden fees.

Is this service refundable?

As a service-based business, we are unable to offer refunds for our services.

I don't have a Wali. What can I do?

The Wali is necessary in the marriage process for it to be Halal. We understand that some women will not have appropriate Walis due to being Reverts, living away from family or other family circumstances.

You can still initiate the processnpricig and later involve your Wali (father, brother, male guardian, Imam, etc.) when you are matched with a candidate.

If you are confused, contact us and we will give advice on next steps.

Why is getting married so difficult?

There are many reasons, which include:

  • - Having a vague or unrealistic criteria for marriage (reality vs ideal)
  • - People don't know the marriage process- how/where to start; amount of time it takes
  • - Starting the marriage process late (past early 20's for women and past mid 20's for men).
  • - Your profile may not be what others are looking for, even if their profiles fulfill your requirements
  • - Parents enforcing unrealistic criteria on their children
  • - Being too busy with livelihood to help yourself or your families
  • - Having small social network or being recent immigrants
  • - There are diverse ethnicities & cultures among Muslims- creating cultural barriers
  • - Shyness & hesitation to initiate marriage process in some cultures
  • - Unnecessary barriers that limit options; for example- relocation: the best match you ever get may be in a another province/state
  • - "Fear of a better option" causing you to reject candidates- but in reality, your best option may have been someone you did not consider long ago.

How can I increase chances of marriage?

There are many ways, which include:

  • - Create an ideal criteria, but prioritize few things only. If you find those priority qualities in someone, consider them as a serious match. Someone meeting even 50% of your overall criteria may be the best option you may ever receive in your life. Be realistic, as you yourself likely do not fulfill everyone's complete requirements.
  • - Start the process early (late teens / early 20's for women and early to mid 20's for men).
  • - Honestly think if all the requirements you are seeking are even common in the first place
  • - Discuss the marriage criteria honestly between parents and children
  • - Prioritize the marriage process and make time for it
  • - Increase your social network- volunteer, go to the masjid, halaqas, make yourself known in the community
  • - Remove unnecessary barriers that limit options (ex. relocation, small age range for consideration, prioritizing degrees rather than character / religiosity)

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